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City Pants

What’s better than comfortable pants? Not much (truth!), except for comfortable pants that I’m able to wear running errands in the city, at work, or even to workout.

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10.04.14 | Maria Morales

Easy Peezy

I don’t have time to be uncomfortable and find myself wearing work out clothes to work when I can dress them up.

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14.04.14 | Julia Dzafic

Studio to Street :: Athleta City Pants

I’m absolutely in love with these city pants from Athleta’s new collection! It’s lightweight, loose-fitting, and very comfortable. I can wear it from my dancing class to the farmer’s market!

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08.04.14 | Jane Song

Gym Style To Swim Style

If you know me, then you know that I don't believe in compromising style for function.

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10.04.14 | Tamara A. Marbury

City Pants + New Puppy

I had been on the hunt for my own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and yesterday, I got to bring mine home! Kyle and I planned a low key night with him including a walk in our neighborhood, a run to the pet store and grabbing dinner from a taco truck.

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10.04.14 | Andrea Kerbuski

Powerful Style

At Pumps and Push Ups we live and breath an active lifestyle. But, we also love our fashion, so the obvious ‘just came from the gym look’ isn’t always our style...

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06.04.14 | Brooke Anderson

My Weekend with Athleta

This past Saturday I wanted to fit in yoga, lunch, errands and a hike. The weather was gorgeous and I wanted to get as much time in outside as possible.

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08.04.14 | Mia Maree

Fit Style with Athleta’s City Pants

Ever since I decided to change my lifestyle to be fit I have been including a workout as part of my daily regime...

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10.04.14 | Tyesha Brown

Run Style to Fun Style

I really appreciate when my clothes can do some of the multi-tasking for me!

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10.04.14 | Jenny Winward

Around Town

It's no secret that I'm always running late so when it comes to clothes I love any piece that can double as something else.

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10.04.14 | Kara Weymouth

Double Duty

to easily transition from the gym or workout studio to lunch with friends or running errands, swap your workout top and messy hair for a graphic tee and low bun

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09.04.14 | Lauren Elizabeth

Athleta’s New City Pant

Believe it or not, I was caught in a downpour the morning we shot this! I was surprised how quickly these pants dried and have even deemed them my new rain pant of choice.

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10.04.14 | Lauren Krause

On the Go

I try to wear something that will take me through everything I'm doing and will look put together and not

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10.04.14 | Nina Rand

My Day In Athleta City Pants

Being a fabric snob I am always on the hunt for great workout pants that FEEL good and are "multi-purpose." I like to wear them to the gym and to lunch and...

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10.04.14 | Mimi G

Pants of All Trades

I had noticed the City Pant a couple of months ago and have been dying to give them a try. Now that the baby has come I can fit into them!

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09.04.14 | Joanne B.

A Day in the City Pant

Today included one of our favorite activities -- Girls on the Run! After practice, my daughter was so jazzed up she wanted to run even more, so we took a quick spin around the neighborhood.

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04.04.14 | Melissa Angert

Fast Fashion

Fortunately, I work for a company where Chat Tights pass for pants and sweaty strands are typically cosseted away inside a fishtail braid.

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18.02.14 | Team Athleta

Easy Chic

Exercise has always been a challenge for me, but you know what makes it easier? Cute work out clothes! You know what's even better? Cute work out clothes that can also be worn as regular clothes!

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07.02.14 | Jenny Winward

My Fitness

Take every opportunity to burn calories – take your child for a walk, walk the dog, walk to the store once in a while, do some gardening, or if you drive to the store, just park in the farthest place from the door.

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29.01.14 | Hallie Swanson

Studio to Street

With so many refreshing hues and stretchy-soft fabrics it was easy to make workout looks waaaaay more fashionable for yoga, bootcamp, running—you name it!

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05.02.14 | Christine Bibbo Herr

Bike Fashion

I don’t like dressing down just because I’m going to get sweaty. But I’m no priss. I love hiking, camping, and of course riding my bike.

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07.02.14 | Melissa Davies

No Sweatin' It

The best thing about this outfit has got to be that I can throw my hair up into a pony tail, slip on some trainers and I’m ready for the gym.

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03.02.14 | An Dyer

Keeping Fitness in Check

There’s no better motivation to workout than new, cute workout clothes!

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05.02.14 | Maria Morales

Slope Style

Bring on the blizzard, NYC! Now we can work up a snow-sweat in style with fun AND functional fitness gear.

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22.01.14 | Christine Bibbo Herr


Sometimes the only time I have to squeeze in a little exercise is right smack in the middle of my day, so it's always nice to have a few great workout basics that can easily transition...

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03.02.14 | Nikki Minton


Fireside yoga or an afternoon walk with your love. You can wear these recycled polyester pants from Athleta for either one.

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07.02.14 | Marissa Borelli

Everyday Drifter Tights

I own a lot of workout pants, but these are the only pair that I would actually wear out of the gym on purpose. I did mention that this is my favorite outfit that I've styled with these chaturanga tights so far. But these have easily become one of my favorite pieces in my closet. They go with boots, wedges, sweaters and long tanks with a leather jacket - so everything that I love to wear.

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07.02.14 | AlixRose

Back on Track

Whenever I am working out, I always feel great, both in body and in mind.

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03.02.14 | Naty Michele

Dance with Athleta

Barre dance has been my main workout routine for more than a year now. It really helps me to build strength and flexibility.

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20.01.14 | Jane Song

Gym to Street Style Transitions

When your gym clothes are just as cute as your street clothes, you won’t mind throwing them on to run all your errands before or after the gym.

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29.01.14 | Eboni Saint-Elie

Fit meets Style

What I love about this outfit is that if I decided to spontaneously workout while running my errands, I'm totally prepared to do so. Let's be honest, shopping is my favorite kind of workout.

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04.02.14 | Lauren Elizabeth

The Bright Workout

Some days I haven't made it out of the house, but I'm working on doing some at home workouts on those days. Although distractions are plentiful at home, I've got a couple of good DVDs that I default to, along with some super bright gear - which makes it more fun to get dressed for a workout (read: more motivation!).

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30.01.14 | Nina Rand

Road Trip

You can never go wrong with fitted black bottoms, a pop of red or pink and a warm jacket in case your night involves star gazing.

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03.02.14 | Marissa Borelli

Work It Out

I picked out an assortment of hot pink tops and cozy leggings that have now set a new standard of comfort and style for working out.

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03.02.14 | Andrea Kerbuski

Let's Get Physical

New Year means new me? Wrong. New year, better me. Healthier me. Stronger me. Confident me.

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30.01.14 | Janice Tran

Work It, Girl

New workout gear always gets me excited to hit the trail.

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27.01.14 | Nichole Ciotti